By using industrial-purpose electricity, you can benefit from the lower
    electric charge as compared to oil prices. (Click to view details.) 
Unlike oil prices, electricity charges are not subject to sensitive price
  fluctuations, and are less affected by changes in currency exchange
Electric boiler is cleaner and much safer, with no risk of explosion.
Due to scale formation, oil boilers have a shorter lifespan.
  In comparison, Dong Yang Electric Steam Boiler will last for more than
  In 10 years.
Electric steam boiler has a thermal efficiency of close to 100%
  because it does not have any boiler flue through which energy may
Due to easy removal of scale, there is no need to chemical clean
  electric boiler.
Installation is easy and electric boiler does not take up much space.
Because electric boiler is single integrated units, steam is generated
  simply by plugging in and supplying water.
Since electric boiler is inherently safe, installation and continued
  usage inspections from KEMCO is unnecessary.
◆ Of course, there are certain drawbacks.
An electricity supply equal to the boiler capacity must be secured.