Greater scale deposits capacity as a result of a relatively larger steam generation tank.
  An advanced design of 20kg/㎠ hydraulic test pressure and 8kg/㎠ maximum usage
  pressure insures safe and reliable use for more than 10 years.
  Absolute safety through a three-fold safety system consisting of over-pressure
  prevention, overheating prevention, and electricity blockage in case of suspended water
  Cleaning is easy since scale deposits can easily be removed completely.
  Condensated water, that is formed after the steam heat has been used, is recollected
  and recycled. As a result, electric charges are reduced by approximately 13% and
  since only clean water is used, water is conserved and scale formation is greatly
  reduced. Only high pressure pumps for hot water are used.
  The water level controlling system installed in the water supply storage tank prevents
  racing and protects the pump.
  Excessive current flow of the water feed pump is monitored to prevent the motor from
  Accessible doors on the front and left sides of the boiler make inspection and
  parts exchange convenient.
  The electrical and mechanical designs have been emphasized to maximize safety,
  longevity, and convenience.
  All parts have been selected in view of usage of more than 10 years.
  Electrostatic paint minimizes corrosion and the exterior is aesthetically pleasing.
  Comparable to top products from advanced countries in terms of convenience,
  performance, lifespan, exterior design, etc.