(1) If the water feed pump rotates but no water is
coming out,
ⓐ While the pump is rotating, turn the air vent (-A) once
  to release the air, and when water shoots out, turn it closed.
(2) If the sound of electricity being supplied to the pump
  is audible but the pump is not rotating,
ⓐ Turn off the power and unscrew the three cover bolts (-C).
ⓑ Remove the cover by lightly hitting the inside (back) of the
  impellor cover (-E) in a left to right motion with a screwdriver.
ⓒ Turn the impellor (-D) by hand, put the impellor cover back on,
  re-screw the three bolts, and turn on the power.
(3) If water is dripping from the lower front part of the
  supply pump, the mechanical seal of the pump shaft is
  defective and must be replaced.
ⓐ As in (2) above, remove the impellor cover.
ⓑ Remove the snap ring (-F) with a pair of pliers.
ⓒ Place the two bolts from the removal of the cover into the
  impellor hole (-G). When placing it, slightly turn left and right.
  The impellor will fall out.
ⓓ Replace the mechanical seal inside the internal shaft and
(4) To prevent the supply pump from freezing when the
  temperature falls in winter,
ⓐ Open the air vent (-A) and the water discharge
  cork (-H) to remove water.