Water Level Sensor of Storage Tank Check Valve Solenoid Valve of Storage Tank Water Supply Electrical Attachment Panel Steam Tank Water Level Sensor Over-heating Controller Pressure Switch Steam Tank(Internal) Heater Plate Power Breaker Switch Boiler Operation Panel Grounding Terminal Water Supply Hole Filter Strainer Storage Tank Water Feed Pump Steam Tank Cleaning Hole Steam Condensation Collection Opening Water Tank Evaporation Release Opening Steam Tank Cleaning Valve Power Supply Terminal Block Safety Valve Steam Release Valve Steam Release Hole of Safety Valve Zoom In Zoom In Filter Strainer Operation Power Breaker Pump Air Vent Water Feed Pump Pump Anti-freeze Water Release Hole

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Parts Name
Installation Instruction
- 05
Power Supply Terminal
Tightly wind and connect the wire of the right thickness for
  the current capacity.
- 13
Grounding Terminal
Connect a grounding wire of the same thickness as the
  power cord.
- 14
Water Supply Opening
Connect the water supply of water pressure over
  0.1kg/cm2 (Head: 1M)
Clean up the internal part of the water supply pipe and
  then connect it.
Don't use underground water, if possible.
Insulate the pipe for keeping from freezing.
- 24
Steam Condensation Collection Opening
Use again the collection of the steam condensation.
Block it with plug in case there is not any collection water.
- 25
Water Tank Evaporation Release Opening
Discharge it through the stainless steel wrinkled pipe in
  case there is collection water.
- 12
Steam Tank Cleaning Hole
Connect pipe to a drain in order to make easy internal
- 02
Steam Release Valve
Connect pipe to the places needed steam.
The draining pipe shall not be coated with zinc and keep it
  warm with glass wool cover.
- 41
Operation Power Breaker
In case 380V or 440V is needed, connect single-phase
  current 220V to extra power sources.