Select Boiler Volume.

1. Water is coming out from a small hole (-A, about 10mm) on the lower
part of the water feed pump (-11) top.
The mechanical seal inside the water feed pump is defective. Refer to the section
on "Water Supply Pump Repair".
2. I want to raise the pressure 5㎏/㎠ more than the initial setting.
Refer to the section on "Pressure Resetting". In order to raise the pressure selection
  by more than 1㎏/㎠, you must replace the safety valve (-06) with that of high
pressure . The boiler pressure can be raised to 8㎏/㎠ without any problems.
3. What does it mean when the small lamp on the back of the
level control relay (-42, -43, -44) lights up?
If -42 lights up, it indicates that there is sufficient amount of water in the storage
  tank (-08). Of course, if the light is off then more water must be added, so the water
supply solenoid valve of water tank (-10) must be kept open.
If -43 lights up, there is sufficient amount of water in the steam generation tank (-21).
Of course, the feed pump (-11) must keep turning even when the light is off.
If -44 lights up, there is just enough water to cover the heater in the steam generation
tank (-21) and at this point the heater turns on. If the light on -44 turns off, there is not
enough water so the heater turns off, the alarm buzzer sounds, and the water supply
pump (-11) must be in operational condition.
At this point, if the light on -42 remains off, the water supply pump (-11) does not turn
until the light comes back on.
4. What are the functions of the two top bolts on the pressure control
The right, back-side bolt is the pressure control bolt to turn off the heater magnet (-39).
  The left, front-side bolt is used to control the difference between the on and off
pressures of the heater magnet (-39). More detailed selection instructions can
be had in the "Pressure Resetting" section.
5. What is the function of the over-heating switch (-37)?
This is a safety device to act as final protection for the boiler when the pressure
  switch (-01) or the safety valve (-06) is not functioning properly. It monitors the
internal temperature of the steam generation tank and if the pressure is higher than
the selected pressure, the heater is blocked.
6. . I'm sure there will be considerable scale buildup inside the boiler.
  How often should I clean it and where do I clean?
If city water is used, the heater plate (-20) must be removed and cleaned of scale
  once every three years, assuming 10 hours of use per day. If underground water is
used, scale must be scraped off after 6 months of use, but it depends on the water
quality of the underground water. Therefore, it is advisable to check for scale on the
heater panel after the first 4 months of use and determine the appropriate time frame
for scale cleaning. The scale buildup does not matter until it reaches the very low
part of the heater. Besides the heater, the steam tank water level sensor (-23) should
be removed, cleaned, and reassembled.
7. When the steam valve is opened, the pressure falls and normal
operation is not possible.
First note whether the steam pressure is low while the heater lamp is on, or if the steam
  pressure remains low while heater lamp keeps turning off. Then, do the following:
If a three-phase current is being used and one of the lines is not working, the
  steam generation will be cut in half. When the heater magnet is stuck on, check the
  left-center, center-right, and left-right terminals on the lower part of the heater
magnet (-39) to see if they indicate either 220V or 380V.
If one part of the heater is disconnected, two heater amount of heat is not
  generated. <For more specific information, see the "Heater Replacement" section.>
The contact point of the heater magnet may be defective. All three-phase current
comes out from the top part of the heater magnet (-39). If the current is not
coming out properly, the heater magnet must be replaced.
Test to see if the wires of the heater terminal on the heater panel are
  connected properly. If not, fasten tightly.
Check to see if the boiler volume has been set to less than low volume.
If the steam pressure is low while the heater lamp turns off frequently,
1. Problems with the water supply system
If water is not being supplied to the storage tank (-08), the storage tank
  water level control relay (-42) lamp will not turn on. If this lamp does not
  light up, the water feed pump (-11) is not properly functioning and the steam
generation tank will not have enough water in it, and the heater magnet (-39)
will not stick. Of course, there is insufficient steam as well.
Press the lower recover button on the magnetic contactor (-40) if the water
  level control relay (-42) of the water storage tank is lit, the alarm water level
  control relay (-44) lamp is off, and the water feed pump (-11) is not rotating.
If the top part of the water feed pump (-11) is too hot to touch, then the
  counter-current prevention check valve (-07) is defective. Please replace it.
(When replacing, pay attention, to the arrow direction.)
If the water level control relay (-42) of the storage water tank and the alarm
  water level control relay (-44) are both on while the heater operation lamp
  (-33) frequently turns off, the pressure control switch (-01) or the over-heating
  switch (-37, check to see if it is set at around 200°C) is defective. Try operating after
short-circuiting the two wires connected to the switchs. When the
pressure is low, these must be connected so replace.
The pressure of the water feed pump (-11) may fall after 4-5 years of use.
  The pressure must be 1㎏/㎠ more than the steam pressure setting. If the steam
  is low, water will fill up within 5 seconds. However, if the steam pressures rises to
  4-5㎏/㎠, water will not fill up even if the water supply pump turns for 1-2 minutes.
If the inside of the water feed pump (-11) fills up with water, it is racing so water
  will not fill up. Unscrew the bolt on the top part of the water supply pump by
turning it once, release air, and then close again.